From inception, Connor quickly identified a niche in men's clothing: masculine fashion and good quality at prices which represent exceptional value.

With an ethos of providing excellent quality and value, Diverse Project Group core values are perfectly aligned with Connor.

We have fitout several Connor stores around Australia including:

  • Perth DFO
  • Midland, WA
  • Mandurah Forum, WA
  • Cockburn Gateway, WA
  • Murray St, WA
  • Plenty Valley, VIC
  • Whitfords, WA
  • Geelong, VIC
  • Joondalup, WA
  • Ocean Keys, WA
  • Bunbury, WA

Connor - Joondalup 2019 Gallery

Connor - Whitford City 2019 Gallery

Connor - Perth DFO Gallery

Connor - Mandurah Gallery

Connor - Midland Gallery