The Herdsman

The Herdsman has long been a star among Perth’s upmarket fresh food providores in the affluent Western suburbs.


The Herdsman has long been a star among Perth’s upmarket fresh food providores in the affluent Western suburbs. Operating since 1979 from premises in the suburb of Churchlands with an uncompromising motto of the best quality and service, always, the company expanded operations by opening a second store in the Perth CBD.

The newly opened store provides city workers and residents with fresh, high quality produce in a stunning contemporary retail environment.

The Brief

The challenge was to combine four shops within the heritage facade on William St, with another in the adjacent shopping mall, into a single space on one level. The brief was to provide The Herdsman’s customers and staff with a cohesive retail environment that reflects their uncompromising commitment to quality built over 30 years in the fresh food business. The result is a stylish and efficient retail space where stunning combinations of polished terrazzo, stainless steel, and rich wood provide an organic overtone that blends the timeless and the new.


Diverse Project Group began with a comprehensive site survey to identify potential challenges with the construction phase of the fitout. Diverse’s Replik8 rapid installation system was used to create templates of all built forms and their interaction within the space. With more than 30 penetrations and core holes required in the project, the Replik8 process highlighted several areas of concern to category one trades. These potential issues were able to be identified and addressed at this early stage, avoiding unnecessary drilling and saving time and money.

Site access also represented a significant challenge. Entry to the site traversed several public areas and the project was subject to the complete shutdown of William Street on a number of occasions. Much of the construction material was manually carried on to site. Finishes were all top quality stonework, terrazzo and stainless steel. All workmanship was of the highest standard and rigorously checked through Diverse’s exacting quality control processes. Throughout the project, Diverse Project Group conducted weekly on site meetings to identify and resolve issues as they arose.

Efficient project management meant that Diverse Project Group were able to complete the job in 16 weeks from start to finish, coordinating all trades and overseeing quality control to ensure the final result was in perfect alignment with both the designer’s intent and the customer’s high quality standards.