From greengrocers to gorgeous gourmet

Formerly the Angelo Street Markets, Scutti is a gourmet grocery store located in South Perth, WA.

Issues and Challenges

For this project, the owners of the Angelo Street Market wanted to improve both the front-end and back-end of their store. This included new floors, ceilings, drainage and extensive construction works to improve access to the store. One of the greatest hurdles to overcome was the lack of space. To add to the challenge, they wanted the transformation to occur without interruption to their trading.


In order to minimise the interruption to the store’s operations, extensive after-hours work was required and Diverse Project Group was the only company approached who were prepared to accept these conditions. The staff of Diverse Project Group worked closely with the client to understand the workflow and patterns of trade. After this the job was broken down into stages. A detailed schedule of production and trades was submitted in order to ensure minimal interruptions. The client had a number of new and innovative ideas which were incorporated to create the finished product.


Diverse Project Group fitout has delivered numerous long-term benefits to the client. Shoppers have more room to move and stock can be displayed more effectively on the shelves. The open feel and aesthetic appeal is balanced by functionality, and 30% more stock is now displayed. To ensure that stock always looks at its best, a water-misting system was incorporated into the fitout. The fitout boasts an innovative lighting system which is the first of its kind in Western Australia. All the cool-rooms were redesigned and replaced for ensure maximum efficiency. The layout ensures a better workflow, particularly in term of back-end operations. For example, a forklift can now be driven into the store, rather than having to load stock from outside the rear of the store.

Scutti Gallery