Situated in the Perth Railway Station concourse, Trackside Bakery serves thousands of customers each day on their way to and from the Perth CBD.

Issues & Challenges

This was a very complicated fit out in an extremely difficult location that required a large number of trades. The rough-in work had to be done below the suspended slab which is situated above the train tracks, requiring coordination with Perth Rail and Perth City Council.

The epoxy coated floor was laid after-hours due to fume vapours in close proximity to the public. Initially, Diverse Project Group was given partial access to begin the fit out in the newly constructed extension to the train terminal.

Through out the fit out Diverse had to coordinate their work around other trades who continued to work on the base building.


Customer thoroughfare was extremely important and the fitout had to take this into account. Wide counters and comfortable but efficient areas for customers to be served and have the option to sit and relax play a huge role in the success of the area. Quotes and interesting pieces of information are printed on the counter walls to attract passers by and invite them to sample the bakery's wares.


Elegant and stylish, all surfaces are hard wearing and easy to clean ensuring that the Trackside Bakery looks and feels great for both customers and staff now and into the future.

Trackside Bakery Gallery